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 Electric cars gain traction amid push for sustainability

Demand for electric cars is evident as concerns over sustainable mobility become an everyday issue. The electric vehicle has been held up as an antidote to an ever escalating problem of climate change coupled with tougher fuel efficiency standards.

US pre registration orders for Nissan’s 100 per cent electric LEAF vehicle have shown that customers are willing to embrace this new direction in eco-friendly transportation.

Linda Goodspeed, Vice President of Information Systems, Nissan Americas is a speaker at the marcus evans CIO Summit 2011, in Dallas, Texas, April 11-13.

Goodspeed says that exciting market opportunities exist for electric car manufacturers in the global arena.

“Nissan was the first to market with the all-electric plug in vehicle and we believe that this will be very successful. The demand so far is tremendous but it will be very dependent upon the infrastructure and getting over the range anxiety of a true electric vehicle.

“There has been tremendous support from municipalities and cities in building charging stations. I think it is going to be larger than the automotive companies believe - if we could get the volume out there. Also if energy costs were to remain low as compared to gas it would help further.”

She adds that Nissan LEAF has generated excitement especially among technology’s early adopters who are always first to embrace new developments. However, ‘range anxiety’ is still a consideration for some people but it is expected that this will ease with time. “As people see others around them adopting, they become more comfortable with it and a large mid-section will then adapt. Then you have swung the entire market at that stage,” she explains.

The marcus evans CIO Summit 2011 will take place in Dallas, Texas, April 11-13.





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