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 Engaged and motivated employees create robust organisations

The business management concept of employee engagement is a critical component to satisfied and motivated employees willing to go the extra mile for the organisation. Building a high performance culture and rewarding achievements will ensure a robust, enthusiastic workforce.

That’s according to Hanan Darwish, Vice President, Human Resources, Country Partner, Schneider Electric, France.

Darwish will be a speaker at the marcus evans 7th Annual Employee Engagement and Employer Branding taking place on 6-7 April in Amsterdam.

The importance of building a high performance culture and rewarding achievements will stretch far into the organisation, she says.

“A high performance organisation is centred around engaged and motivated people. It feeds into the performance of the overall organisation. The effects are seen in the results and the resilience of the people working for the company.”

Employee engagement can prevent circumstances brought about by change from having more of a negative impact than they need to, she adds.

“When a crisis hits, if you do not have a high performance organisation you’ll find a catastrophe unfolding. This marks the difference in how some organisations are able to resist a crisis and others haven’t been able to,” she explains.

Darwish warns that the effect of poor employee engagement will be a limp team spirit and lack of alignment to the organisation.

“Engagement is a key responsibility of the manager and measuring is not a once off. It should be a continuous process – at least two times per year. It is like measuring the temperature to see the level of motivation of the people in the organisation.”

She notes the difference between employee engagement as distinct from employee satisfaction.

“Engagement is very much attached to a person’s emotions as in a very short space of time a highly engaged person can drop to the bottom. It’s all about management skills and leadership. Engagement gives much more weight to the relationship between the manager and his subordinate. Employees that are engaged will go for the extra mile for the organisation.”

The marcus evans 7th Annual Employee Engagement and Employer Branding will take place on 6-7 April in Amsterdam.





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