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 More demand for green supply chain

With the unrest in Libya causing oil prices to soar to $124 a barrel, the ever increasing price of energy is placing renewed focus on the sustainability movement.

Faced with punishing energy costs and the risk of upward moving prices, a heavy emphasis is being placed on the importance of energy efficiency.

That’s according to Marga Blom, Manager Energy Management Group, KPN.

Blom is chairperson and a speaker at the marcus evans 3rd Annual Telecoms Energy Efficiency Forum taking place on 11-13 April in Amsterdam.

She points out that energy prices are not stable because there is a reliance on countires like Libya, which is currently experiencing much political and social unrest.

“There is a risk in rising oil and electricity prices and in their shortage in the long term. This is making companies more conscious about sustainability. The whole area of sustainability is a large part of competitive advantage for businesses. More and more you see in the business market there is demand for a green supply chain to improve energy efficiency.”

Organisations  can look to lessen their carbon footprint by focusing on energy efficency and looking towards long term practices, she adds.

You can mitigate your carbon footprint by buying green power or by conservation. In my opinion the most important thing to reduce your carbon footprint is to reduce energy consumption. In KPN’s chemical data centres we look at reducing platforms and working in the supply chain to reduce our energy consumption and improve energy efficency. In data centres we look at smart power solutions.”

Pursuading those holding the purse strings within a company of the merits of investing in green technology is easier than it may seem, she explains.

“It’s not hard to put the case across for investing in green technology if you choose your new technology based on total cost of ownership. Energy is a large part of operational costs. Most of the time the energy costs are relevant enough to convince them that energy efficient equipment is more cost effective in the long run.”

Energy efficiency is going to feature heavily in the future of business, she warns.

“Being a sustainable organisation is becoming more and more important and it’s not something that is hype but is here to stay.”

The marcus evans 3rd Annual Telecoms Energy Efficiency Forum takes place on 11-13 April in Amsterdam.




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