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 Principles of ecodesign should be a universal strategy

Industries across the board should be aspiring to the principals of ecodesign, according to a renowned world leader in sustainable buildings design.

Ecodesign is one of the key elements which are needed to direct a globalised economy towards sustainable development, says Dr Ken Yeang, director and chairman of Llewelyn Davies Yang based in Malaysia.

Widely regarded by his peers as a man ahead of his time, Yeang recognised 40 years ago that global warming and increased contamination of the environment would adversely affect the natural balance of biodiversity and ecosystems.

He is a speaker at the marcus evans Eco-Buildings Conference that took place on 17-18 April in Doha.

“We need to make sure that the principles of ecodesign are applied not just to building design and master planning. They should be strategies to direct all our industries, businesses and human activities towards a globalised economy that is based on sustainability; that seamlessly and benignly biointegrate with the natural environment.”

Yeang outlines how ecobuildings offer a higher ROI in the long run.
“Buildings that achieve the accreditation by a green ratings system usually cost between four to eight per cent more than the standard cost for that building type. The resultant major costs savings are in energy and water. Once the additional capital costs of the cleantech system adopted for the energy and water systems have been recovered (say in a ROI of within three to five years), the savings in energy and water continue to benefit the building owners.”

Yeang also warns about the pretentiousness of “greenwashing” buildings. “By ‘greenwash’, I mean token greening of buildings. For example, some designers would put a PV system onto a building and then claim the building to be a green building. Of course this is a gross simplification what is a green building. A green building is much more than just putting green gadgets onto buildings,” he explains.

The marcus evans Eco-Buildings Conference took place on 17-18 April in Doha.



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