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 An alternative to President Obama’s $1 trillion healthcare plan

The US healthcare industry is today a place of rapid change and uncertainty. Innovative ideas are needed more than ever to improve quality and reduce costs.

That’s according to Alan Miller, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer with Universal Health Services (UHS). Operating 138 private hospitals in the United States and Puerto Rico, UHS is a US healthcare leader.

Miller is also author of the book ‘Healthcare Reform That Makes Sense’, published last year. His tome takes a comprehensive look at the intricacies and issues surrounding the health care reform debate and offers alternatives to President Obama’s $1 trillion plan for improving America’s healthcare system.

He will be a speaker at the marcus evans National Healthcare CXO Summit taking place on May 25-27 in Hollywood, Florida

Upcoming innovations that are going to radically transform the healthcare landscape will be the introduction of electronic healthcare records, he explains.

“The introduction of electronic medical records is a major innovation and will increase the efficiency of hospital systems. The US Government is trying to introduce electronic medical records to eliminate duplication as everybody’s information will be on file. Incentives are being offered to healthcare organizations to install electronic records so that a patient’s record is available to hospitals across the board.”

It will be 2015 before this new system comes on stream, he adds.

“It will be introduced in stages. It will be a monumental task to develop such a system and implement it in every hospital. The Government has a five year horizon on this plan.”

The major effects of the US healthcare Reform are challenging to quantify, with the bill spanning almost 3,000 pages, he notes.

“The Healthcare Reform Bill is 2,700 pages long and this is why I wrote the book ‘Healthcare Reform That Makes Sense’ to take a look at how we can achieve the change that everyone can believe in. The reform will have consequences across the board and is very costly; a trillion dollar program.”

The marcus evans CXO National Healthcare Summit will take place on May 25-27 in Hollywood, Florida.

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