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 Seth Godin on maximising opportunities in marketing

“The most dangerous thing that marketers do is look for the next big thing. The next big trend will be a variation of what we already have,” says Seth Godin, Bestselling Author, Marketing Visionary, Entrepreneur & Agent of Change.

Instead of waiting around for the next craze, marketers should be maximising the current opportunities for successful marketing, he recommends.

Named one of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century by Successful Meetings Magazine and Business Week’s “Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age,” Seth Godin will be presenting live via satellite from New York at the upcoming marcus evans CMO Gipfel  2011 in Bad Doberan, Germany, PharmaBrand Summit 2011 in Montreux, Switzerland, and CMO Summit 2011 in Queensland, Australia.

Successful companies recognise the need for change and will embrace that, Godin explains.

“For 100 years, companies succeeded by building a level of efficiency and productivity, and by repeating that in a reliable way. Change is a problem for people who live in that world.

“We now live in a different world, where shifts in the marketplace and interactions are actually our friends. Organisations need to look at change not as a problem or an issue to be dealt with, but as an opportunity to grow. They should embrace change.” 

Godin describes the most dangerous thing that marketers can do - looking for the next big thing.

“They are focused on getting a piece of information that nobody has, finding the next trend, the next Twitter or Flickr. My answer is this is the next big thing. This is our revolution. The next big trend will be a variation of what we already have. Rather than wait for the next big insight, marketers ought to actually do something with today’s insights.”

Among his greatest contribution to the marketing space Godin says that he gives people tools that they can use to speak to one another and to share ideas they already believe in.

“By calling it a Purple Cow or an Idea Virus, I make it easier for people who are embracing change to have an intelligent conversation with the people they work with. I am good at noticing issues that need to be talked about and making them easier to do so.”

The marcus evans CMO Gipfel  2011 took place in Bad Doberan, Germany on 15-17 May; the marcus evans  PharmaBrand Summit 2011 will take place in Montreux, Switzerland, on 27-29 June; the marcus evans CMO Summit 2011 will take place in Queensland, Australia on 18-20 September.



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