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 Meeting the high paced needs of business today

Differentiating your business and driving growth and profitability for your company are always universal concerns for organizations, big and small.

Designing and managing a successful channel program will help organizations meets the high paced needs of business today.

Brooke Cunningham, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for the Data Management Customer Solution Unit at CA Technologies was a speaker at the marcus evans 2nd Annual Strategic Channel Management Conference that took place on May 17-18 in San Francisco.

The competitive advantage that a strong channel management practice offers is significant, according to Cunningham.

Companies today are constantly evolving the way we reach, satisfy, and engage with customers and prospects. And within a highly competitive market place, gaining that competitive edge is critical to success. By relying on channel partners, vendors broaden their reach to a broader set of customers and prospects. Like any business partnership, it is important to have good channel management practices so these relationships provide the maximum mutual benefit.”

Driving channel development in this current tough economic climate is a challenge Cunningham adds.

It all comes down to competition. What we saw through the downturn was that the partners who were most closely aligned with us, stuck with us. The key within this competitive market is to differentiate your channel programs. Continually bringing new approaches and innovations into the program is where the focus will be as we continue to operate in more competitive economic times.”

Cunningham explains the new business enhancement opportunities provided by the cloud and social media are exciting prospects for the future.

We have a strong community base on our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds as well as Facebook groups for our partners as well as for reaching our customers. We also engage with a technical community called SpiceWorks in addition to blogs and forum posts for communities that we host on our own websites.

“As a result, we can communicate with partners more frequently about programs, offers and incentives. Also, within these forums, customers engage in a conversation with us, we gain the opportunity to hear more from them about how they see value in our solutions, how they are using them, and also it’s a way we can also address any concerns. It’s a different kind of engagement; it’s not just push marketing anymore. It’s a conversation and it’s much more powerful because of the level of engagement. And, as an additional benefit, it’s a very cost effective marketing medium.”

The marcus evans 2nd Annual Strategic Channel Management Conference took place on May 17-18 in San Francisco.


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