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 Treat employees as customers, not as employees

Generation Y employees are posing a new challenge for HR departments who are realising the one-size-fits-all approach is not suitable anymore.

Jean-Noel Thiollier, Director – Talent & Reward at Disneyland believes that adopting an individualistic approach to HR management is key in the resurging war for talent.

Thiollier is a speaker at the marcus evans HR & Talent Summit 2011 taking place in Montreux, Switzerland, 19 - 21 June.

He recommends that in order to maximise productivity and employee performance, HR should treat employees as customers, not as employees.

With the first wave of generation Y forging out their career path, this cohort has become more than just a specific group of people born after a certain date.

“Generation Y seeks transparency, a balance of fun and work, and global mobility. This is a major change for HR executives. To address these needs, which everyone is expecting nowadays, we have to treat our candidates and talent as the main customers in HR. We got used to dictating what we wanted, but the one-size-fits-all approach is not working anymore.

“We are now back to where we were a few years ago with the global war for talent. Although we are still competing for the same people, the difference is that we are now competing on the same media. A good presence on the Internet is critical for attracting the right people, however, people have had enough of corporate pitches and the beautiful picture that every company portrays of itself. People want to find their own information but not have it pushed to them.”

Thiollier stresses that employee engagement is what drives workers to succeed.

“The question is how do you build engagement? In my opinion, you can only have engagement when you are able to provide an individual answer to people’s expectations, which should be aligned with company expectations. There have to be seamless processes in place to keep the focus on individual needs. This is what will drive employees to go the extra mile. People have to feel that their needs as people are being addressed. It does not mean they will stay with the company forever, but they will over-perform while they are there.”

The marcus evans HR & Talent Summit 2011 will take place in Montreux, Switzerland, 19 - 21 June.

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