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 A strong internal drive for leadership must exist

Companies are preparing themselves for growth opportunities as the economy slowly rebounds. In doing so, they must find proven ways to enhance employees’ performance and productivity.

A strong internal drive must exist, not just within HR, but within the entire organization to bring current talent to the next level of leadership.

Jaci Edgeworth, Director People Potential North America at lululemon will be speaking at the marcus evans Talent Management & Leadership Development Conference taking place on July 21-22 in Toronto, Canada.

Edgeworth says driving a culture of individual and organizational development, accountability and innovation must be to the fore for today’s businesses.

“lululemon’s mission is to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness and our People Potential department’s mission is to empower great people to achieve their goals and live a life they love. We have grounded our people development and total rewards philosophy in these two things. What sets us apart is our culture of goal setting and all of our programs are designed to support employees to set and achieve big harry audacious goals (BHAGs) in all aspects of their life.”

Edgeworth says that rewarding people who work with the intention of greatness and who produce amazing results will favourably impact the bottom line.

“Paying for performance attracts entrepreneurs who are fired up by being a top performer. It ties everybody to the company’s results. From funding people’s goals to yoga and fitness classes to top of market pay for exceptional performance, our total rewards programs continue to be innovated by, and for, our people. 

“Unlike most corporate training and development, “functional” development is only 1/3 of our people development philosophy. By focusing on every single employee’s personal development and unique greatness, we empower our people to create a full life that they love.”

She suggests how companies can expand their pool of leadership talent. 2 People Ready to Go and Grow” is one of lululemon’s important corporate objectives. By getting everyone focused on leadership development makes it the responsibility of everyone in the company.” 

The marcus evans Strategic Talent Management & Leadership Development Conference will take place on July 21-22 in Toronto, Canada.   


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