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Contractor Management Excellence 2019 (1)

9th Edition Market-Driven Innovation in R&D (2)

3rd Edition Internal Branding & Employee Experience (3)

Bid management : La gestion stratégique des Appels d’offres (4)

Tech4 Innovation: Partnering & Scouting (1)

8th Edition Market-Driven Innovation in R&D (6)

Excellence Opérationnelle - 10ème édition (4)

Stratégies Achats et Processus d’Innovation (2)

7th Annual Internal Communications & Situational Messaging Conference (8)

9th Annual Practical KVA and CVA Forum (2)

14th Annual Advancing S&OP to Integrated Business Planning (6)

Technology Scouting Excellence 2017 (12)

7th Annual Derivative Pricing and XVA Forum (4)

Audit Interne : Vers une fonction créatrice de valeur - 3ème Édition (8)

4th Edition IDMP Compliance Challenge: Navigating through uncertainty (15)

L'Excellence Opérationelle - 9ème édition (4)

Pricing Analytics 2016 (3)

Asset Integrity and Maintenance Excellence (1)

12th Shared Service Centres in Russia and CIS (2)

5th Edition Future R&D Innovation Excellence (2)

2nd Annual Global HR Excellence (13)

11-я Общие Центры Обслуживания в СНГ (2)

5th Annual Talent Management Canada 2015 (1)

Internal Communications Canada 2015 (3)

Agilidad Organizacional en la Transformacion de los Negocios (17)

10th Practical Conference Shared Service Centres in Russia (2)

Stratégies d’Innovation - 7ème Edition (16)

2nd Annual Total Operational Excellence (2)

PPP Exchange: Structures and Finance (9)

8. Jahrestagung: Corporate Process Management (6)

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"Well organised and convened event discussing relevant and practical solutions in the Contract Management pursuit of excellence"

26 November 2019

Metropolitan Fire Brigade
Contracts, Safety & Compliance Manager

Contractor Management Excellence 2019

"Great event!"

02 October 2019

Strategic Marketing Manager

9th Edition Market-Driven Innovation in R&D

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