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Business Analytica: Making Pharma a Success in Emerging Markets


Andrei Sterlin and Elena Gamza of Business Analytica, a sponsor company at the marcus evans Emerging Pharmarkets Summit 2011, on monitoring and tactical tools for success in emerging markets.

Interview with: Andrei Sterlin, Managing Director, and Elena Gamza, Tracking Director, Business Analytica


To stay competitive in emerging markets, it is important to have strategic and tactical tools for monitoring the market and aligning pharmaceutical product marketing to market changes, recommend Andrei Sterlin, Managing Director, and Elena Gamza, Tracking Director, at Business Analytica. From a company sponsoring the marcus evans Emerging Pharmarkets Summit 2011 in Cannes, France, 23 - 25 March, Sterlin and Gamza discuss the steps to take for successfully marketing products in Russia and other emerging markets.

How does pharmaceutical product marketing in emerging markets differ from the more established markets?

Andrei Sterlin: There are fundamental differences in marketing pharmaceutical products between established markets, and the BRIC countries and Mexico. Emerging markets are growing at a more rapid rate but they are distorted due to lack of regulatory transparency. A number of international players operate with more detailed investigations, before making the decision to enter these markets.

Elena Gamza: The law, recently passed in Russia, is restricting the communication opportunities for reaching the target market; with doctors only unbranded communication will be allowed. Essential Drug List, which is price regulated by healthcare authorities, forced a lot of market players to cut down on prices. It is advisable for companies to invest in reliable business partners who have serious local expertise and are able to navigate the business in a permanently changing environment.

What studies should companies undertake in emerging markets?

Andrei Sterlin: For Russia it is important to have strategic tools for monitoring the market as well as a set of tactical studies aligned with market changes. Sales audit (retail, hospital, reimbursement) monitoring is obligatory. Continuous tracking studies with doctors and end-users are needed to measure the effect of marketing activities - this could include the satisfaction level of the medication, a 360-degree communication evaluation, checking advert wear-out effects, evaluating marketing KPIs. The flexibility to adjust marketing strategies accordingly is important to staying competitive.

Another important strategic tool is the continuous medical representatives’ monitoring in order to evaluate correctly one of the most important elements of business strategy – Field Force. These types of studies allow the company to evaluate brand health and image’s perception among the medical professional community and ensure recommendations to the end TA representative.

Elena Gamza: With regards to tactical tools, I recommend an ad hoc segmentation with ATU/U&A studies (conducted over a minimum of two years) to check the spare niches and adopt a promotion strategy. Segmentation studies should keep in mind further sales targets, thus helping to easily define the doctor and end user potential for promotion and proper sales scheme application.

Price elasticity/price modelling studies are also beneficial for value-for-money proposition. Prices differ from one pharmacy to another, so price-based promotions and definition of triggers should be analysed regularly.

As the advertising space changes permanently in Russia, along with the requirements of the target audience, pre-testing most of the advert materials are required to make the best targeted communications adapted to regional specifics.

What are your recommendations for establishing brand loyalty in new markets?

Andrei Sterlin: Pharmaceutical companies should maintain a firm relationship with all levels of the sales-chain to understand both micro and macro market changes. They need to invest in the end-customer via branded and unbranded communications, to ensure well trained and skilled FF both for doctors and pharmacists and keep in mind that on a long-term prospective in Russia those companies which acquire local production facilities or work in partnership with local manufacturer will have more promise to ensure solid presence in the market.

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