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Komandor Brains & Brands:
Pharmaceutical Marketing Success in Russia Today


Svetlana Yurova from Komandor Brains & Brands, a sponsor company attending the marcus evans Emerging Pharmarkets Summit 2011, on pharmaceutical product marketing in Russia.

Interview with: Svetlana Yurova, General Director, Komandor Brains & Brands


As one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in the world, the Russian healthcare industry is attracting many international players, says Svetlana Yurova, General Director, Komandor Brains & Brands. For successful pharmaceutical marketing in Russia, alternative channels of communication and education must become prevailing strategies, she adds. From a sponsor company at the marcus evans Emerging Pharmarkets Summit 2011, in Cannes, France, 23 - 25 March, Yurova discusses why marketing directly to consumers works best in Russia and the latest on regulations.

How does pharmaceutical product marketing in emerging markets differ from the more established markets?

Svetlana Yurova: Russia shares key features with other emerging markets, yet it differs in several ways. The demographics and disease profile in Russia are changing. An ageing population and adoption of Western lifestyle habits have increased the rate of obesity and chronic Western diseases. Doctors are generally distrusted in Russia, therefore the patient-doctor relationship is different and it is ineffective to market pharmaceutical products through medical representatives.  However, people are now more actively participating in their healthcare.

Russia has been one of the fastest growing emerging pharmaceutical markets in the world in recent years. The Russian healthcare industry is experiencing robust growth, primarily driven by initiatives to improve primary care and an increase in healthcare financing. It is an ideal market for branded generic products, as consumers are willing to pay higher prices for brands associated with quality. As the level of competition is lower than in some established markets, this translates into many opportunities for international players.

Which marketing strategies are more effective?

Svetlana Yurova: Alternative channels of communication and education must become prevailing strategies. Pharmaceutical companies have to utilise every available source of communication, including mass media and social networks, in trying to appeal not only to clients’ awareness of the product but also to their perception of it. I would strongly recommend companies not to commit themselves to educating and stimulating doctors, but also to try to appeal to the consumer directly. 

As for the internationally established brands, they must realise that they may not be widely known in Russia. Direct communication with consumers will be more effective for winning trust and loyalty.

What is the regulation landscape in Russia today?

Svetlana Yurova: In August 2009, the Russian Ministry of Health presented a draft guideline on optimising the price regulation of essential and life-saving medicines in the country. Companies have had to register the price of essential and vital medicines in Roubles from January 1, 2011, and introduce a maximum trade mark-up for both locally manufactured and imported drugs. Potential opportunities from reforms targeted at broadening access will be most significant in markets where the majority of pharmaceutical spend is driven by patients.

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About Komandor Brains & Brands

Komandor Brains & Brands was established in 1993 for maintenance of efficient control with marketing communications of the companies developing the brands in the markets of the CIS countries.

It is a team of professionals with a lot – more than 250 diversified realized projects including the international practice of business relations and a cumulative operational experience in the market more of 50 years.

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