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Pacific Clinical Research Group:
The Benefits of Contracting out Clinical Trials to CROs in Australia and New Zealand



Dr Ross Prpic of Pacific Clinical Research Group, a solution provider at the marcus evans Evolution Summit 2011, on the benefits of US companies utilizing CROs in Australia and New Zealand for clinical trials.

Interview with: Dr Ross Prpic, Chairman & Founder, Pacific Clinical Research Group (PCRG)


Outsourcing clinical trials to contract research organizations (CROs) in Australia and New Zealand could make more sense than taking them to other regions, according to Dr Ross Prpic, Chairman, Pacific Clinical Research Group (PCRG). Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) and other decision makers at pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are weighed down with increasing regulatory burdens and healthcare reforms in the US and Europe, whilst processes in Australia and New Zealand remain fast and efficient.

From a solution provider CRO attending the marcus evans Evolution Summit 2011 in Hollywood, Florida, May 4-6, Dr Prpic highlights the reasons why US companies might be better off conducting clinical trials in Australia or New Zealand, despite the geographic distance.

How is contracting out clinical trials to CROs in Australia and New Zealand a viable option for US pharmaceutical companies? 

Ross Prpic: The regulatory environment for clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand has remained remarkably stable for >10 years and both countries have implemented recent measures to make the process even more efficient. Bureaucratic interference is minimal. Ethics committees are effectively the gatekeepers; and ethics submission to first patient enrolled is streamlined, typically taking between six and eight weeks.

What could make clinical trials more efficient?

Ross Prpic: The key to increasing efficiency, especially in this region, is by utilizing local knowledge. Instead of US companies trying to understand local regulations and requirements for conducting a trial, they should consider using local CROs who already have established regional relationships and a comprehensive understanding of local clinical trial nuances. Leveraging these strengths significantly reduces costs and enrollment time.

What are some of the opportunities that CMOs can take advantage of?

Ross Prpic: Getting a trial up and running in the current economic climate is riskier than ever before, and CROs can assume some of those risks on behalf of the client, with the CRO sharing the burden of overheads involved in staffing and managing resources in a fluctuating market.

How can the use of CROs enhance or nurture innovation in clinical trials?

Ross Prpic: It is important that companies do not simply engage with the lowest priced provider or a large global CRO, but instead find one that has true specialist regional knowledge. This is why it is vital that companies looking to outsource to a CRO perform rigorous due diligence. The relationship with a CRO should not be a simple customer-client relationship, but a true partnership. This is even more important when significant geographic distances are involved.

If you were to give one piece of advice to CMOs of clinical trials, what would that be?

Ross Prpic: More than ever before, now is the time to be very discretionary when it comes to choosing the region where you conduct a clinical trial, and the CRO you entrust. 

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About Pacific Clinical Research Group

PCRG is a full service CRO, partnering with sponsors who wish to conduct clinical trials and commercialize new therapeutic agents in Australia and New Zealand. The company’s success to date has enabled it to attract staff of the highest calibre, as well as developing close working relationships with more than 30 clinical sites in Australasia. PCRG prides itself on flexibility, with services structured to precisely match sponsors’ requirements in terms of timescale, cost and reporting. With its in depth understanding of the Australian and New Zealand medical and regulatory environment and through its relationships with key contacts at all levels of the health care system, PCRG has become an internationally respected CRO.

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