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Catalyst: Driving Patient Safety through Technology

Shane Bishop of Catalyst Healthcare (“Catalyst”), a solution provider at the marcus evans Long-Term Care CXO Summit Spring 2012, on reducing medication errors.

Interview with: Shane Bishop, President & CEO, Catalyst


“Patient safety must be at the forefront of healthcare,” says Shane Bishop, President, Catalyst. “Medication errors can cost organizations a lot of money, especially when they lead to patients having to go back to the acute care setting. Driving out preventable medication related incidents should be a top priority.”

From a solution provider company at the marcus evans Long-Term Care CXO Summit Spring 2012, Bishop shares his thoughts on improving patient safety in the long-term care setting. 

What would improve patient safety in the long-term care sector?

Shane Bishop: We are seeing a decrease in overall funding in this sector, making it a challenge to provide quality care focused on outcomes. In particular, medication administration is a time consuming responsibility and a heavy burden on staff; organizations need the proper support, which includes a dedicated pharmacy partner and the right technologies.

Bar-code scanning at the point of care ensures the “7 Rights”: right resident, drug, dose, time, route, reason and documentation. With so much pressure to reduce costs, adopting technologies that integrate the unique needs of both pharmacy and facility in real-time has become essential for decreasing medication errors.

Which of these “7 Rights” are not done right at the moment?

Shane Bishop: Right documentation at the right time is definitely under the spotlight. Caregivers are under a lot of time pressures when administering medication, and that is only part of what is going on in facility-based care. Supporting nurses and caregivers by giving them timely access to the right information significantly increases safety and improves outcomes.

What features should these medication administration technologies have?

Shane Bishop: Bar-code scanning at the point of care for medication safety and to manage inventory is a must. For example, if a prescription is discontinued at the pharmacy it should be instantly reflected in the resident’s medication administration record at the point of care. To support constant and timely communication, pharmacy and long-term care facility systems have to be linked.

Our technology, Catalyst oneMARTM, provides real-time connectivity between the pharmacy and facility, allowing caregivers to scan a bar-code to confirm the “7 Rights” and safely and efficiently administer medication. Communication with the pharmacy can take up a lot of the nurse’s time and this is automated with oneMAR.

How can facilities ensure they remain patient-centered?

Shane Bishop: It is important for long-term care facility operators to partner with pharmacies that offer technology as part of their service and that have a deep understanding of medication management. Many pharmacies are adopting these types of technologies as it helps them control costs and improve quality both internally and for the facilities they serve. Through technology initiatives that support nursing practice, facilities are able to keep the focus on the patient.

What outcome would the short cycle dispensing model, as in Canada, have on the US healthcare system?

Shane Bishop: Short cycle dispensing, a seven to 14 day cycle fill, has been working well in Canada for the last ten years. The adoption of technology drives efficiencies throughout the spectrum of care, from pharmacy to facility, to patient, to payor. Short cycle dispensing decreases waste, and through the adoption of technology, both pharmacies and facilities are empowered to take a more active role in patient outcomes. 

It is possible to drive down costs while improving the quality of care, and all facility operators should be investigating the opportunities made possible by technology.

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About Catalyst Healthcare

Catalyst is a leading provider of medication safety and workflow solutions. Through the use of time sensitive bar-coding, oneMARTM ensures that the right medication is given to the right resident at the right time, increasing safety and efficiency. oneMAR’s inventory tracking simplifies short-cycle prescription delivery and pharmacies and facilities benefit from improved communication, extensive reporting, and safe, standardized medication practices.

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