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Developing an Organisation from the Inside Out


Andrew McArthur-Edwards of Now Communications Group, a sponsor company at the marcus evans HR Asia Summit 2012 and HR Summit 2013, on better employee retention and engagement. 

Interview with: Andrew McArthur-Edwards, Chairman, Now Communications Group


Human Resources (HR) departments must make sure that messages are clearly communicated throughout the organisation, says Andrew McArthur-Edwards, Chairman, Now Communications Group. For lasting change and engagement, peer-to-peer communication is the most effective way for getting messages across, he adds.

From a sponsor company at the upcoming HR Asia Summit 2012 in Macao, China, and HR Summit 2013 in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, McArthur-Edwards discusses how organisations can improve employee retention and engagement through peer-to-peer communication.

Are there any ongoing issues troubling HR directors in the APAC region today?

Their biggest challenge is the ongoing staff retention issue, it is a competitive environment for keeping good staff. Making sure that messages and values are clearly communicated throughout the organisation is one way to help. How messages are communicated internally impacts your EVP and staff retention.

In many organisations we see a real effort towards top-down communication, but for lasting change, there has to be a feeling of connection or engagement. This can be better achieved through peer-to-peer communication. To make a message part of the heart and soul of the company, people need to hear it from those whom they perceive to be like themselves.

How do you help HR get a message across? Could you share a case study?

HR directors must consider who people will listen to, who could get the message or feeling across. In many cases we use a combination of live events and face-to-face communication, where people can experience best practices. 

A few years ago, one of our clients, an airline, was receiving feedback that its customer service was not what it used to be. The company had shown the statistics to its employees, but they had not connected to the issue. We took staff offline to conduct market research, to ask people what they thought of their services without letting them know that they were from the actual company. The results were surprising, even shocking at times, but by capturing their journey we could help the rest of the staff realise how they could improve.

Can this be avoided altogether, if the organisational mission, vision and values are communicated at an early stage?

This is not about dealing with a problem when it arises, but of making the best of where you are to get better. Ongoing communication is about constantly striving to take the whole organisation to a better place as one.

Any final thoughts?

Staff retention has become very challenging. It is such a competitive business environment, that it is becoming more important to make staff feel that they are a part of the organisation and that they belong there. This goes beyond their salary or benefits package. The feeling of belonging makes people stay. There is a lot we can learn from the business culture in some countries, such as Japan, where employees feel that they are part of a family. Creating a culture where people feel that they belong can only be achieved through clear, honest communication with employees.

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