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How Royal Tulip is Expanding its Portfolio of Hotels


Amine Moukarzel, a speaker at the marcus evans EMEA Hospitality Summit 2013, on how the Royal Tulip brand is growing in the MENA region.

Interview with: Amine Moukarzel, President of Golden Tulip Hotels Suites & Resorts MENA


With its recently launched five-star brand Royal Tulip, Golden Tulip is set to double its regional portfolio of hotels, says Amine Moukarzel, President of Golden Tulip Hotels Suites & Resorts MENA. “Our goal is to expand aggressively, to make Golden Tulip the brand of choice,” he goes on to say.

A speaker at the marcus evans EMEA Hospitality Summit 2013, taking place in Montreux, Switzerland, 11 - 13 November, Moukarzel discusses how Golden Tulip is boosting the reputation of its brand and highlights the opportunities for growing a hotel portfolio in the region.

Tell us how Golden Tulip is boosting its brand reputation.

The way we have expanded in the last few years and continue to deliver on our current hotels is what helps us grow our brand. Our marketing programmes and reservation system are facets that have made a big difference. The Louvre Hotel Group, which we are a part of, is the second largest group in Europe and the eight largest worldwide by number of properties. Being part of this conglomerate and taking care of our people is what makes us successful. We look after our customers, staff and owners. Integrity and respect is necessary for us to maintain the reputation of our brand.

With at least one new hotel added to your portfolio each month, how does your company keep up and maintain full brand control?

We keep up by enhancing our presence in each market and having current owners referring us to other investors. Most developers, owners and investors in the region know each other. We also travel extensively to make sure we understand and appreciate each local culture. Travelling in some of the larger countries such as Algeria or Saudi Arabia is not easy, but you need to know how they do business. We are expanding in Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq, despite their political issues. When we opened the Royal Tulip Alexandria, we had the military in front of us and demonstrators taking photos with our brand signage in the background. Nevertheless, our goal is to expand aggressively, to make Golden Tulip the brand of choice. The sky is our limit. We want to cover more of Morocco and Algeria, and enter Libya and Sudan as well.

As for maintaining full control of the brand, that is impossible. We have systems and training programmes in place, a mystery guest programme and executives visiting each property, but try to maintain some flexibility. It is definitely more difficult to have full control in franchise hotels than those we manage. We are also growing the number of hotels we manage ourselves, as owners come to realise it is better to grant those responsibilities to us.

What are some of the opportunities for expanding in this market?

We are developing more hotels in Lebanon than ever before, although Gulf country citizens have been banned from visiting. We do not believe in hiding or being short-sighted. This is an opportunity to add up more hotels and prepare for when things get better. Algeria, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia offer many opportunities, and Syria once the situation settles a bit. Many hotel owners in the region would welcome the logo of an international brand on their building.

Any final words of advice?

Hotel owners and operators should appreciate each other more. Secondly, hotel owners’ representatives have to learn to respect operators. Intermediaries stay around for a year or two. Who will sustain business growth after that? Transparency and respect, with no strings attached, will deliver better results for both parties.
Interview by:
Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian, Press Manager

For more information, contact: Jennifer Keljik, marketing manager
Tel: 312.540.3000 x6592

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