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"Very Good indeed. The training was adjusted to the level of audience knowledge. I learned a lot and had fun. Keep doing it this way!"

Commercial Director

"Maximising Profits From Pharmaceutical Projects"

"Bringing experts from all industries was excellent"

Mercedes Benz

“Excellent panel of speakers with a focus on practical examples rather than theory”


"My programme was tailored exactly to my individual needs – all my expectations were met completely."

T.E., Consultant, Bearing Point, Germany.

"Best language teachers I have ever had"

J.D., Audit Manager, PWC

“Highly knowledgeable speaker with an up to date global perspective on Organisational Development issues.”

VP Human Resources, Standard Chartered Bank

The marcus evans financial training division is a market leading provider of practical and interactive training courses, tailored to the specific requirements of industry practitioners from the financial sector.

For over 20 years we have been developing courses of the highest calibre for industry practitioners. Our clients' increasing demands for high quality hands-on training, drives our focused output. Thorough research ensures their applicability to your current business concerns.

Training courses are being offered on a world-wide basis from our production offices across Europe, the US, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. This international network affords a global view of emerging training needs in the most dynamic industries. We only use the world’s leading trainers who have been formally assessed and recommended by industry leaders. They all come equipped with many years of hands-on experience working at leading financial institutions. This ensures a unique teaching experience for the attendees.

Our public courses are also an ideal opportunity to meet and network with other industry professionals from leading financial institutions. In addition all of our courses can be delivered in-house at your premises. This enables you to customise the course content to match the specific requirements of your organisation.

  • Beyond Reporting: Achieving Improved Performance through Enterprise Risk Management
    Incorporating Enterprise Risk Management into business strategies to meet objectives and improve performance
    NBC TOWER | Chicago, IL 19-20 Feb 2019
  • Bank Rewards and Incentive Programs
    Strengthening your Employee Recognition and Sales Incentive Programs to Improve Business Efficiency
    NBC TOWER | Chicago, IL 26-27 Feb 2019
  • ALM: Moving Beyond the Model
    A Comprehensive Perspective on the Measurement and Management of Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk, Funds Transfer Pricing and the ALCO Process
    Downtown Conference Center, New York, NY 27-28 Feb 2019
  • Operations Risk: Active Management Across Industries
    Take a closer look at the world of operations and operations management across a wide range of human activity and industries.
    Maison FL, Paris 6-7 Mar 2019
  • Best Practices in Model Validation and Model Risk Management
    All aspects of model validation are covered, including the model management lifecycle, regulatory requirements, organizational requirements, specific model validation tests and design, and validation documentation
    Chicago, IL 7-8 Mar 2019
  • Reverse Stress Testing
    An in-depth discussion of ways to assess and enhance existing frameworks
    The Tower Hotel, London 11-12 Mar 2019
  • Non-Maturity Deposit Modeling
    Reconciling the quantitative modeling problem with the intrinsic problems of risk and profitability management
    Holborn Bars, London 14-15 Mar 2019
  • Comprehensive Economic Capital and Credit Risk Modelling Masterclass
    Practical guidance for financial institutions on issues of estimating key credit risk parameters for wholesale and retail portfolios that meet both economic and regulatory objectives
    The Betsy Hotel, Miami, FL 14-15 Mar 2019
  • Best Practise Capital and Liquidity Planning
    Developing a playbook for ICAAP & ILAAP is crucial to bank strategy and profitability
    The Movenpick Hotel, Frankfurt 27-28 Mar 2019
  • Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB)
    Understanding the fundamentals of IRRBB and how it differs from interest rate risk in the trading book
    Downtown Conference Center, New York, NY 27-28 Mar 2019
  • Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Modelling
    Practical guidance for modellers in financial institutions on issues of estimating expected credit losses for wholesale and retail portfolios under the new FASB Accounting Standards Update 2016-13
    Downrtown Conference Center, New York, NY 1-2 Apr 2019
  • Understanding the Measurement and Management of Market Risk
    An ideal course for anyone who works with market risk managers on projects, audits or executive committee’s
    London 2-3 Apr 2019
  • Statistical Sampling for Test of Controls, Compliance & Fraud
    Application of a mathematical approach to Internal Audit Testing increases the effectiveness of the audit team, supports the audit conclusions, and engages management in improving controls.
    Lingurama Milano, Milan 4-5 Apr 2019
  • Comprehensive Credit Risk Modelling Masterclass with special focus on IFRS 9, TRIM and Basel IV developments
    A comprehensive 2-day course, bridging the gap between IFRS 9, regulatory and economic credit risk modelling.
    Hilton Vienna Plaza, Vienna 4-5 Apr 2019
  • Estimation and Validation of Credit Risk Parameters
    Understand the role that validation can fulfil to satisfy the multiple requirements associated with the development and implementation of credit risk models
    Downtown Conference Center, New York, NY 4-5 Apr 2019
  • Capital Adequacy and Sustainability
    End to end strategy formulation and tactical foundation exploring and comparing the ICAAP and Stress Testing Program's
    Downtown Conference Center, New York, NY 11-12 Apr 2019
  • Operational Risk Management
    Implementing an Effective Operational Risk Management Program
    London 15-16 Apr 2019
  • Funds Transfer Pricing: Risk Taking, Pricing & Transfer and the Implications for IRR, Liquidity Risk & Profitability Management
    FTP is an essential business management process for effective and meaningful risk and profitability management at all depository institutions
    Houston, TX 15-16 Apr 2019
  • Third Party Risk Management
    End-to-end best practice in a vendor risk management program
    Downtown Conference Center, New York, NY 18-19 Apr 2019
  • Finalising post-crisis reforms- from Basel III to Basel IV
    A comprehensive overview/perspective of how banks need to tackle the latest prudential regulation
    London 13-14 May 2019
  • Effective Enterprise Risk Management for Banks
    Master ERM within your institution to combat existing and emerging risks
    Downtown Conference, New York, NY 13-14 May 2019
  • Forensic Incident – Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
    Applying sound incident prevention strategies with leading safety indicators and carefully coordinated accident inspections
    Sydney 13-14 May 2019
  • Advancing your ALM Framework and Leveraging Funds Transfer Pricing
    Understanding the multiple regulatory requirements and their implications for balance sheet management
    Downtown Conference Center, New York, NY 14-15 May 2019
  • Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis: Best practices and new developments
    An up-to-date overview of regulatory requirements and innovative solutions to the open problems
    London 16-17 May 2019
  • FP&A for Today & Tomorrow
    Leverage the latest best practices and technologies to use FP&A to steer the business to greater successes in the short, medium, and long term
    Downtown Conference Center, New York, NY 16-17 May 2019
  • Non-Maturity Deposit Modeling
    Reconciling the quantitative modeling problem with the intrinsic problems of risk and profitability management
    NBC Tower, Chicago, IL 21-22 May 2019
  • Advancing your ALM Framework and Leveraging FTP
    Understanding the multiple regulatory requirements and their implications for balance sheet management to enable profitable and sustainable growth, driving business results through ALM and FTP
    Maison FL, Paris 23-24 May 2019
  • Operational Risk Management
    Implementing a Basel Compliant Operational Risk Management Program
    Hotel Indigo, Los Angeles, CA 6-7 Jun 2019
  • XVAs, Derivatives Pricing and Interest Rate Reform
    The implications for derivatives pricing and risk management of the proposed ‘retirement’ of IBOR as a core market benchmark
    London 17-18 Jun 2019
  • CCR and CCP Risk Management
    An overview of the evolution of OTC Central Clearing, regulatory initiatives, and the implications for the risk landscape
    London 17-18 Jun 2019
  • Fraud Vigilance & Corporate Security
    Fortifying your organisation against any financial fraud through effective threat analysis, foolproof enforcement of data analysis and cutting edge forensic investigation
    Melbourne 17-18 Jun 2019
  • Excellence in Liquidity Risk Management
    The supervisory requirements and industry practice, including the latest NSFR and LCR requirements
    London 26-27 Jun 2019
  • Sales Force Dynamics for Banks
    Developing new strategies and insights in strengthening the sales force towards greater efficiency and productivity for profitable growth
    NBC TOWER | Chicago, IL 27-28 Jun 2019
  • Bank Asset & Liability Management Workshop
    A comprehensive overview of best practice standards covering intermediate and advanced topics
    Warsaw 1-2 Jul 2019
  • The Operational Risk Management Framework (ORMF)
    Detailed guidance on implementing a best practice Operational Risk Management Framework
    Zurich 11-12 Sep 2019
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